Vasectomy is a sterilization procedure, causing permanent sterilization of a man. It is a contraceptive method based on interrupting the vas deferens. This prevents the transport of sperm into the ejaculate, which remains unchanged in volume, since its volume comes from other structures. The testicles and their hormonal function continue, the spermatozoa not transported to the ejaculate are resorbed. This procedure can be performed up to 30 days from the delivery of written consent. This is a legal period during which the patient can change his mind about the procedure. Vasectomy is not a therapeutic procedure
and is therefore not covered by the insurance company.

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Surgery for a narrowed foreskin (phimosis) is necessary if the foreskin cannot be stretched over the glans. The result of unresolved phimosis is purulent inflammation. We usually perform the operation under local anesthesia and it takes approximately 30 minutes. The wound heals for about 2 weeks, the stitches fall out on their own.


The aim of varicocele plastic surgery is to remove enlarged veins and restore normal blood circulation in the testicles. This procedure is usually performed under local or general anesthesia and involves closing or removing the affected veins in the testicles.

Resection of spermatocele or epididymal cyst

It is a surgical procedure that is performed to remove a spermatocele or a cyst that has developed
above the epididymis. These cysts are a common problem
in men and may cause discomfort.

Simple hydrocele

Simple hydrocele surgery in men is performed to remove excess fluid accumulation in the testicle area. A hydrocele is a condition in which fluid accumulates inside the scrotum, causing the area to enlarge. This procedure is usually performed when a hydrocele is causing pain, discomfort, or other complications.

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