Epilation laser


  • epilacny laser

Laser epilation is a modern and effective method of permanent hair removal.
This procedure uses concentrated light pulses that are absorbed by the hair pigment, melanin. The thermal energy released after absorbing the light energy causes an atrophic change in the hair follicle and thus prevents future growth.

Since this method depends on the absorption of energy by the hair, its effectiveness depends
from the color and thickness of the hair, but also from the skin type. This method loses its effectiveness
with decreasing hair pigmentation.

The main advantages of laser epilation

Permanent results:
After a few sessions of laser hair removal, you can expect a permanent reduction and eventually complete removal of hair in the treated area
Smooth skin without irritation:
Compared to shaving or waxing, laser epilation is less traumatic for the skin in the long term, which  reduces the risk of irritation and rashes
Accuracy and selectivity:
Laser technology enables precise hair treatment without affecting the surrounding structures

We use a DCD skin cooling system

This skin cooling system for laser procedures significantly improves the effectiveness of the procedure, its safety and the repeatability of the results. Patented DCD (Dynamic Cooling Device) cooling is a computer-controlled pulsed cooling of the skin synchronized with laser shots. It provides the patient with a comfortable procedure and maximum protection.

A solution for aesthetic problems such as